Take a look at the Roofing work we've done for our Customers.

"A good roof is the foundation for a good home."

A roof keeps your home safe and deserves appropriate attention – whether it’s a roof replacement or roof repair – Harrienger’s will give your roof the TLC it deserves. We work with whatever materials best fit the appearance, durability, and budget of your project – metal, aluminum, shingles, rubber. Flat roofs that need special NNY attention are very common to us. Roofing projects are complete with gutter installation.

Our roofers get the job done efficiently, properly, and affordably…. Contact Us and schedule us to come out and give you an estimate.

Roofing FAQ

Q: My roof leaks. Do I need to have it replaced completely?
A: Not necessarily. You may just need some repairs. Leaks can result from flashings that come loose or a section of the roof damage.
Upon inspection we are able to determine if you need localized repair or a full roof replacement.

Q: What are my options if I decide to put on a new roof?
A: There are two options: choose a complete or partial replacement of the roof, which involves a tear-off of your existing roof, or you can install a roof over the existing roof,
either the entire roof or in part. Note that if you have already had one roof installed over your original roof, a roof removal will be necessary.

Q: Can my roof leak cause long-term damage?
A: Yes. A leaking roof often causes serious damage to other parts of your home, not to mention the possibility of mold.

Q: Can heavy snow damage my roof?
A: Yes! It is important to keep heavy snow off your eaves and cleared out of your ridge vents.

Q: How long does it take to replace a roof?
A: Replacing a roof is a labor-intensive project and, depending on the type of roof, it could take anywhere from a few days to two weeks.
Our goal is to have your new roof on as soon as possible for your satisfaction.

Q: How long will my roof last?
A: Most new roofs are designed to provide a useful life ranging from 20 to 50 years.
Actual roof lifespan is determined by a number of factors, including local climactic and environmental conditions, proper building and roof system design,
material quality and suitability, proper application and adequate roof maintenance. Roofing product manufacturers offer a variety of warranties on their products.


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