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I can't belive how nice my house looks now!"

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan - "We LOVE our new roof. 
You guys are AMAZING!"

"We LOVE our new roof!!!"

Mrs Brady - "I can't believe how fast and professional you are!
My new roof looks BEAUTIFUL!
Thanks Harrienger's !"

"My Wife is going to LOVE our new roof!

"I can't believe how fast you guys are! 
My new roof looks AMAZING! 
I'm going to tell all my Postal customers to hire Harrienger's! 

Mr. Carl - "I can't believe how dependable and
fast your workers are.

Mr. and Mrs. Townson - "We LOVE our new roof
and we LOVE our new porch!

Mrs. Julie New - "It was a pleasure doing
business with you. You are a very professional
business to deal with.
Thanks for doing a GREAT JOB!"

Mrs. Miller (and all the Kiddos) - "You did a GREAT JOB!"

Mr Mark - "We LOVE our new metal roof! 
THANKS HARRIENGERS for doing a fantastic job!
You guys are truly a pleasure doing business with!"

Mr. Amos - "All my neighbors are going to be jealous!
And our new roof looks AMAZING!
Thanks Harrienger's for a great job done!"

You did exactly what you said you were going to do. 
My new roof makes my house look brand new. 
Thanks again!"

Joseph Edus - "My house look 100% better with my new
roof!!  I couldn't be more pleased!

Mr. Charles - "I'm tickled pink! It looks GREAT!
You did exactly what you told me you were going to do!
Just like the "old school"! Thanks HARRIENGER's!"

Michael & June "We are very happy with out new roof.
We're going to recommend you to all our friends!
Thanks HARRIENGER'S for the fast service and GREAT JOB!"

"We love our new roof!  We don't
have to worry about the trees around

"I'm SO HAPPY!  My new cottage roof
looks GREAT!  I'm going to tell everybody at
Church about my new roof!"

Mr. Carr - "I would HIGHLY recommend you guys!

Linda Buker - "I think my new roof looks GREAT!
I'm very happy - thanks Harrienger's!!"

Mrs. Coons - "My new roof looks FABULOUS!  Thank
you Harrienger's for doing a GREAT JOB!
Reminds me of the old way things were done"

Mr. Don - "Now I don't have to install roof coating anymore!
My new roof looks GREAT!  I love the GREEN!
Thanks Harrienger's !"

Mrs. Evans - "Our new roof looks AMAZING!
GREAT JOB Harrienger's!"

Mr. and Mrs. Petrie - "You have an AMAZING crew!
Our new roof looks AMAZING!  Thanks Harrienger's!!"

Mr. and Mrs. Priestley "We're verry happy with our
new roof!  We will HIGHLY recommend you guys!"

Mr. Turner - "Thumbs UP!  My new roof looks AWESOME.
Thanks Harrienger's!"

Mr. Segovia - "My new blue roof looks AMAZING!
My wife is going to LOVE IT!

Mr. and  Mrs. Toppings - "We love our new roof.  You truly
do business the old-school way.

Mr. Mosley - "I love it!  Maintenance free!"

Mr. Lennon - "My new roof looks FABULOUS!
I can't believe how think this metal is.
Thank you Harrienger's for caring about your work!
I'm going to recommend you to all my friends!"

Mr. Dale - "I love my new blue roof!
You guys are so RELIABLE!  GREAT JOB!

Sharon - "I can't believe how fast and reliable you guys are!
Thank you for doing such a GREAT job!"

Glen - "My new garage roof looks AMAZING!
Thanks Harrienger's!"

Dorothy Fassett - "You guys did an AMAZING job!
You're the most amazing people to work with!
Thank you very much, Harrienger's"

Mr. Thomas - "Our new metal roof looks AMAZING!
We're VERY pleased!  Thanks Harrienger's!"

Mr. Donald - "My new roof looks LOVELY!
I'm very excited to show it off to all my friends!
Thannks Harrienger's!  I'm going to recommend  you
to EVERYBODY I know!"

"My new roof looks AWESOME!
Thanks Harrienger's...GREAT JOB!"

Mrs. Funnell - "Our new metal roof looks MARVELOUS!
I'm going to tell all my church friends about you guys!
Thank you VERY MUCH Harrienger's!"

Mrs. Lampson - "I love my new blue roof!
It looks AMAZING!  Thanks you very much!

Mr. Dave Smith - "My new roof looks GREAT!  You're going to
get a 5 STAR RATING from me.  Thanks Harriengers!"

Mrs. Spalding  - "Our new metal roof looks GREAT!  Thanks you so much!"

Mr. Bischoff - "Our new roof looks AMAZING! 
I am very impressed by how hard working your crew is!
Thanks again Harrienger's!  GREAT JOB!"

John Purgar "You guys are FANTASTIC!
I am going ro recommend you to ALL MY FRIENDS!"

Mr. & Mrs. Sibley - "It was a pleasure doing business with you folks.  I can't believe how fast
you are, our roof looks so nice."

Joe and Dee Caldwell - "Our new roof looks AWESOME!
You are the only contractor that came over when they said they would be over!
Doing business the old way - GREAT JOB HARRIENGER'S! 
Thanks Again!"

Mrs. Jones - "I love my new black roof!
It looks FANTASTIC!  Thanks Harrienger's! GREAT JOB!"

Mr. and Mrs. Rakauskas - "Out new ivory green roof looks GREAT!!
Very professional to deal with!  Thank you VERY MUCH Harrienger's!!"

John VanBrocklin - "I am SOOOO tickled!  My roof looks AWESOME!
Thanks Harrienger's!"

James & Barbara Janis - "Our new roof looks GREAT!  Your crew
are the nicest people and very hard workers!

Mrs. Sherer - "My new roof looks FANTASTIC!
Thanks Harrienger's - GREAT JOB!"

Mrs. McLaughlin - "My house looks MARVELOUS!
I can't believe how hard you guys work.  My neighbors
are all going to be jealous of my roof!

  Mrs. McLean - "Great job! You guys are very professional.
I would highly recommend you and your crew!"

Mrs. White - "Great job!  It looks FANTASTIC!"

Mrs. Cement - "My husband is looking down and saying how
much he loves his new roof! 
Thanks Harrienger's for doing a GREAT JOB!"

"Great Job Harrienger's!  Thank you, it looks GREAT!"

Mr. & Mrs. Watkins - "FANTASTIC JOB!  Thank you VERY MUCH!"

Mr. and Mrs. Benedetto - "It looks so nice!
We are VERY HAPPY!  We would recommend all our
friends!  GREAT JOB"

"My house looks SO MUCH BETTER!
Thanks Harrienger's!"

Mr. Oddi - "Just AMAZING!  It makes my house look so much better. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bousman - "It looks beautiful!  I went in my house and
came out and the roof was done!  INCREDIBLE!
Thanks Harrienger's!!"

Bruce Cook - "AMAZING JOB!  I can't believe
how fast you guys are!

Linda Brockway - "My roof looks beautiful!
I'm going to tell all my friends!  Thanks again!"

Mrs. Cole - "I am very happy.  I will tell all my friends about you guys! 
Great job.  Peace out"

Mr. Batista - "Thank you very much!  You guys did a GREAT JOB!
I would HIGHLY recommend you guys!"

Mrs. Fox - "My house looks sooooo much better with the new roof!"

Mr. John Alteri - "Looks Great!  I'm very happy!"

Mr. Fred Ward - "I can't believe how fast you guys are and...
you're $2000 cheaper than anyone else!
Unbelievable!  Thanks Harrienger's!  Great job!

Mr. Maxwell - "I can't believe how great my roof looks!
I'm having Harrienger's come back next year to put
siding on my house!"

Sandra Reese - "I love my new metal roof.
Now the snow is gonna' fly right off!
Thanks Harrienger's - for the great job you did!"

Mr. Dean Plumadore - "Now the snow is going to

Mr. Lennon - "Very professional.
I would highly recommend you guys to anyone!

Mr. DiFranco - "It was a pleasure doing business with you!
You did a WONDERFUL job!"

Mr. Lavancha - "Looks AWESOME!
What a nice improvement!
Thanks Harrienger's"

Matt - "Two thumbs UP Harrienger's!!  Great Job!"

Mrs. Good - "I love my new porch roof.
It looks very nice, I just love it!"

Carl Rippe - "FANTASTIC JOB!  I would HIGHLY recommend
 you guys to anyone!  Thanks Harrienger's!"

"Our roof looks fantastic! I can't believe how much different it looks now.
You even painted our chimney cap! I can't believe it- it looks great!"

Larry (from Calarco Funeral Home) - "The new roof
looks AMAZING!  The work was done in such a
professional manner.  We  REALLY appreciate the
great work!  Thanks again!"

Mrs. Hassler - "Thank you for doing a wonderful job blowing insulation in my home.
It's going to be MUCH WARMER this coming winter!

Mr. Price - "I can't believe all the LIGHT that comes in now!
It's just BEAUTIFUL!  And...just a simple handshake"

Mrs. Coker - "Thank you very much.  GREAT JOB!"

Mr. Paul Plummer - "Great job!  Everything you said you were going to do..YOU DID.
Reminds me of the olden days, just a handshake!"

Mr. & Mrs. Hostad - "Just an amazing job.  We can't get over how nice our new
metal roof looks now.  We called 3 other contractors and they never returned our calls.
One call was all it took for Harrienger's Contracting to come right over.
SIMPLY AMAZING!  Thanks Harrienger's !!"

Norman Pickert - "Our new roof looks AMAZING! Great job by Harrienger's Contracting.
I highly recommend them to ANYONE looking to make some home improvements!"

My BLUE ROOF looks AWESOME!  My wife and I are SOOOOO HAPPY!
Thanks again!

Don Gibbs - "I can't believe how beautiful my house looks now that Harrienger's has installed a new roof.
So fast and reliable!  My wife loves it too!  A big THANK YOU to Harrienger's Contracting!"

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