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Sharon - "I can't believe how fast and reliable you guys are!
Thank you for doing such a GREAT job!"

Glen - "My new garage roof looks AMAZING!
Thanks Harrienger's!"

Dorothy Fassett - "You guys did an AMAZING job!
You're the most amazing people to work with!
Thank you very much, Harrienger's"

Mr. Thomas - "Our new metal roof looks AMAZING!
We're VERY pleased!  Thanks Harrienger's!"

Mr. Donald - "My new roof looks LOVELY!
I'm very excited to show it off to all my friends!
Thannks Harrienger's!  I'm going to recommend  you
to EVERYBODY I know!"

"My new roof looks AWESOME!
Thanks Harrienger's...GREAT JOB!"

Mrs. Funnell - "Our new metal roof looks MARVELOUS!
I'm going to tell all my church friends about you guys!
Thank you VERY MUCH Harrienger's!"

Mrs. Lampson - "I love my new blue roof!
It looks AMAZING!  Thanks you very much!

Mr. Dave Smith - "My new roof looks GREAT!  You're going to
get a 5 STAR RATING from me.  Thanks Harriengers!"

Mrs. Spalding  - "Our new metal roof looks GREAT!  Thanks you so much!"

Mr. Bischoff - "Our new roof looks AMAZING! 
I am very impressed by how hard working your crew is!
Thanks again Harrienger's!  GREAT JOB!"

John Purgar "You guys are FANTASTIC!
I am going ro recommend you to ALL MY FRIENDS!"

Mr. & Mrs. Sibley - "It was a pleasure doing business with you folks.  I can't believe how fast
you are, our roof looks so nice."

Joe and Dee Caldwell - "Our new roof looks AWESOME!
You are the only contractor that came over when they said they would be over!
Doing business the old way - GREAT JOB HARRIENGER'S! 
Thanks Again!"

Mrs. Jones - "I love my new black roof!
It looks FANTASTIC!  Thanks Harrienger's! GREAT JOB!"

Mr. and Mrs. Rakauskas - "Out new ivory green roof looks GREAT!!
Very professional to deal with!  Thank you VERY MUCH Harrienger's!!"

John VanBrocklin - "I am SOOOO tickled!  My roof looks AWESOME!
Thanks Harrienger's!"

James & Barbara Janis - "Our new roof looks GREAT!  Your crew
are the nicest people and very hard workers!

Mrs. Sherer - "My new roof looks FANTASTIC!
Thanks Harrienger's - GREAT JOB!"

Mrs. McLaughlin - "My house looks MARVELOUS!
I can't believe how hard you guys work.  My neighbors
are all going to be jealous of my roof!

  Mrs. McLean - "Great job! You guys are very professional.
I would highly recommend you and your crew!"

Mrs. White - "Great job!  It looks FANTASTIC!"

Mrs. Cement - "My husband is looking down and saying how
much he loves his new roof! 
Thanks Harrienger's for doing a GREAT JOB!"

"Great Job Harrienger's!  Thank you, it looks GREAT!"

Mr. & Mrs. Watkins - "FANTASTIC JOB!  Thank you VERY MUCH!"

Mr. and Mrs. Benedetto - "It looks so nice!
We are VERY HAPPY!  We would recommend all our
friends!  GREAT JOB"

"My house looks SO MUCH BETTER!
Thanks Harrienger's!"

Mr. Oddi - "Just AMAZING!  It makes my house look so much better. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bousman - "It looks beautiful!  I went in my house and
came out and the roof was done!  INCREDIBLE!
Thanks Harrienger's!!"

Bruce Cook - "AMAZING JOB!  I can't believe
how fast you guys are!

Linda Brockway - "My roof looks beautiful!
I'm going to tell all my friends!  Thanks again!"

Mrs. Cole - "I am very happy.  I will tell all my friends about you guys! 
Great job.  Peace out"

Mr. Batista - "Thank you very much!  You guys did a GREAT JOB!
I would HIGHLY recommend you guys!"

Mrs. Fox - "My house looks sooooo much better with the new roof!"

Mr. John Alteri - "Looks Great!  I'm very happy!"

Mr. Fred Ward - "I can't believe how fast you guys are and...
you're $2000 cheaper than anyone else!
Unbelievable!  Thanks Harrienger's!  Great job!

Mr. Maxwell - "I can't believe how great my roof looks!
I'm having Harrienger's come back next year to put
siding on my house!"

Sandra Reese - "I love my new metal roof.
Now the snow is gonna' fly right off!
Thanks Harrienger's - for the great job you did!"

Mr. Dean Plumadore - "Now the snow is going to

Mr. Lennon - "Very professional.
I would highly recommend you guys to anyone!

Mr. DiFranco - "It was a pleasure doing business with you!
You did a WONDERFUL job!"

Mr. Lavancha - "Looks AWESOME!
What a nice improvement!
Thanks Harrienger's"

Matt - "Two thumbs UP Harrienger's!!  Great Job!"

Mrs. Good - "I love my new porch roof.
It looks very nice, I just love it!"

Carl Rippe - "FANTASTIC JOB!  I would HIGHLY recommend
 you guys to anyone!  Thanks Harrienger's!"

"Our roof looks fantastic! I can't believe how much different it looks now.
You even painted our chimney cap! I can't believe it- it looks great!"

Larry (from Calarco Funeral Home) - "The new roof
looks AMAZING!  The work was done in such a
professional manner.  We  REALLY appreciate the
great work!  Thanks again!"

Mrs. Hassler - "Thank you for doing a wonderful job blowing insulation in my home.
It's going to be MUCH WARMER this coming winter!

Mr. Price - "I can't believe all the LIGHT that comes in now!
It's just BEAUTIFUL!  And...just a simple handshake"

Mrs. Coker - "Thank you very much.  GREAT JOB!"

Mr. Paul Plummer - "Great job!  Everything you said you were going to do..YOU DID.
Reminds me of the olden days, just a handshake!"

Mr. & Mrs. Hostad - "Just an amazing job.  We can't get over how nice our new
metal roof looks now.  We called 3 other contractors and they never returned our calls.
One call was all it took for Harrienger's Contracting to come right over.
SIMPLY AMAZING!  Thanks Harrienger's !!"

Norman Pickert - "Our new roof looks AMAZING! Great job by Harrienger's Contracting.
I highly recommend them to ANYONE looking to make some home improvements!"

My BLUE ROOF looks AWESOME!  My wife and I are SOOOOO HAPPY!
Thanks again!

Don Gibbs - "I can't believe how beautiful my house looks now that Harrienger's has installed a new roof.
So fast and reliable!  My wife loves it too!  A big THANK YOU to Harrienger's Contracting!"

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